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The problem with no open market for shares in a private company


A board of directors with complementary skills

When starting in business or offering professional services it is ...
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Being able to rule the roost

Many of us like to run our own company as a way of expressing ...
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Shaping your company to get a better offer when you sell


Although you want to show the best possible trading results prior to sale, these ...
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Oh for the good life


Farewell to corporate life

You have forsaken the rat race of travelling to central London with a ...
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How to avoid a discount on the value of your shareholding


If you have a minority shareholding in your business, you could be in for a nasty ...
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Company valuation as part of a divorce settlement


When breaking up is hard to do - Part 2

In When breaking up is hard to ...
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How to preserve your tax status on retirement


After all those years in business, you finally strike a deal to sell your company.

Although you ...
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You can still have a business to sell even if YOU are the business


If you were under the impression that you couldn’t sell your business, because YOU are the ...
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How to calculate the value of your business


A trading company or business valuation is normally based on the value of ...
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What is EBITDA?


EBITDA is an anacronym that has come into common use over the last twenty ...
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Price v Value when selling your company


I believe that it was Warren Buffet who said:

“Price is what you pay ...
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Valuing a minority interest in a private company


What is a minority interest?

By definition, a minority shareholding is one that is no ...
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Off to the Royal Courts of Justice


How to survive and thrive in a pandemic

As a private company share valuer and ...
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How to value your company

You may have wondered how to work out the value of your company.

The problem is ...
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The IHT Tax Free Tax Trap


Whenever you see the term 'tax-free', it's advisable to read the small print before ...
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A well-argued Share Valuation saves thousands


To maximise the financial return (and reduce the stress levels) when you come to ...
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Sell the shares or assets. The pros and cons


Weighing up the pros and cons of selling the company shares or the business ...
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Getting your ducks in a row

To put yourself in a strong position, the process of selling your company should, depending ...
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Reverse Tax Avoidance

Reverse Tax Avoidance

Reducing Tax Liabilities

Over the last few years a ...
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Thinking Inside the Box


If you think the pandemic has scuppered your plans to sell your business, think ...
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Survival Kit


In these difficult times there are immediate problems and long-term ...
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Entrepreneur's Relief extended

The window of opportunity for claiming Entrepreneur’s Relief has opened a little wider.


This extension ...
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Protect against Corporate Identity Theft

Here are two important house keeping points that will help to protect the value of your company.

You may have heard of ...
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Is it an art or a science?


This interesting graffiti art work of Albert Einstein perfectly compliments the question ...
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Marry in haste and repent at leisure

The origin of the proverbial saying ‘Marry in haste and repent at leisure’ was first expressed by William Congreve in ...
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Generous to a fault

Shares as a reward

If you've thought about rewarding your senior employees with shares in the company in recognition of their ...
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An easy way to improve the sale price of your company

One of the reviews we carry out in helping clients to realise the best possible price for their company is ...
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You may call it social engineering

You may call it social engineering, but it can be a good way to sell your company

The solution could be right ...
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The Unexpected Event

A very sad and unexpected event

Although this is a fictitious story, there are many companies that could find themselves in ...
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Case Study: Indigo IT

Founded in 1991, Indigo IT provides IT and Telecoms services to businesses based along the M3 corridor and London.

Whilst exploring ...
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Employee rewards

You may well ask “what has employee rewards got to do with private company valuation and sale?”

Unless your company is ...
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A little Relief for Entrepreneurs

In the 2018 Autumn Statement, the Chancellor introduced some changes to the conditions for claiming Entrepreneur’s Relief (ER) of which ...
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Improve the chances of selling your company

The hard work has been done

You have fully prepared your company for sale. This means that the operational, marketing and ...
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A company valuation is a good place to start

When looking to sell your company or shares within it, a company valuation is a great place to start. But, ...
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The price is right, but...

As Bruce Forsyth would say “the price is right” but……..

Imagine that the time is right and and you've made the ...
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Indexation Relief

The Autumn Budget for 2017-18 delivered by the Chancellor on 22nd November was a fairly uneventful affair as far as ...
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Where angels fear to tread

Being in business is like life itself: there can be so many twists and turns that the planned route map ...
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Company separation

When breaking up is hard to do - Part 1

No, I am not a divorce lawyer, but I do become ...
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How to spot a good sale broker

Imagine you've made the decision to sell your company. After a while you become impatient, because nothing seems to be ...
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Shaping your Company for Sale

Although you want to show the best possible trading results prior to sale, these are matters of fine tuning as ...
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Selling the Business as opposed to the Company

Many companies reach a stage in their life, where the management needs reviving and the products are fast becoming obsolescent ...
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Keeping it in the family...or not

Mr and Mrs Limited

In the SME market, ownership of a company is normally held by a single shareholder or by ...
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How to choose the right team to sell your company

Like Claudio and Eddie, you need to choose and manage the right team of players.

Now you might ask “What has that ...
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Entrepreneur's Relief

Will you be taking full advantage of tax reliefs when you sell your company?

A number of opportunities in saving tax ...
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How to improve the sale price of your business

In the beginning...

Many of us start a business and happily plough our furrow without thinking long-term as to what needs ...
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Painting an exit plan!

What has painting & decorating to do with selling a company?

No, I “have not gone off my rocker”!

You see, if ...
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The right buyer at the right price

You’ve put your all (and then some) into building up a successful business and now you’re looking forward to reaping ...
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A Share Valuation has to be realistic

Did you see the first Dragon’s Den programme in 2016?

It beggared belief in the stance adopted by most of the ...
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Selling company due to poor ROI

Making an opportunity out of a problem

If I am approached by shareholders who wish to sell their company due to ...
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Raising funds to purchase shares

Avoid killing the goose that lays the golden eggs

The killing of the goose that laid the golden eggs in Aesop’s ...
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How to have your cake and eat it!

Benefits of increasing pension contributions prior to company sale

There are not many occasions in life when you can ‘have your ...
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It is not only what but also to whom that matters

Share price negotiation

Have you heard the story about two starving artists? Both are extremely talented, but one of them is ...
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Sometimes life does not unfold as you may expect

A case study in tax planning in relation to shareholdings.

It is sound tax advice that where the business starts to ...
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Reducing the tax charge on the sale of your company

Can you really reduce the tax charge from 28% to 10% (and possibly more!) on the sale of your company?

I’m ...
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Look before you leap!

The value of a share might not be all it seems

Recently, an accountant referred me to a successful sales manager; ...
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The positive effect of a share valuation

When a purchase or sale transaction has to be done how do you get there?

Sometime ago, I was introduced by ...
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Private company share valuations and the taxman

Capital taxes liability on private company shares arising in a person’s estate

Although there are a number of tax reliefs on ...
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Share Buyback

Share buybacks are a way to finance a share purchase.

Imagine the time has come when you wish to realise the ...
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Do you want to be judged as a life style business?

It’s a common dilemma that you’ve probably thought about but decided to deal with at a later date. Trouble is ...
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Private Company Share Valuation

How do buyer and seller reach agreement?

There is a ready market for shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Therefore ...
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An Unexpected Offer

If you are approached by a company wishing to make an offer for your business, what would your reaction be?

Here ...
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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the blog.

Lots of interesting articles will be posted here in the future.

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