Oh for the good life

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Published: 21 Feb 2022


Farewell to corporate life

You have forsaken the rat race of travelling to central London with a good job and secure income for a more acceptable work and life balance in the Home Counties.

Hello to control of your business destiny

In addition, you are now 'your own boss' and can organise your life accordingly.

From a work perspective you have the requisite skills to provide a satisfactory income, but being a solopreneur isn’t your intention.

You’re reinvesting profits into the business to finance purchase of office equipment, initial staff expense and the credit period for waiting to receive cash from clients or customers.

You’re achieving your plans for growth and the business is expanding.

Then one day you look to the future and think in the medium term:

 “How can I delegate more to give me more time?”

And further down the line:

“How do I exit the business and sell my company, so that I can ‘retire’ and do something else?”

The exit strategy

When these longer term thoughts come to mind, it is at this point you need to rely less on your ‘technical skills’ and more on your ‘organisational skills’.

Whilst you can do the job, so could somebody else with the requisite skills, or at least part of it.

You’ll need to plan for your clients' requirements and how you can allocate them to staff members, as well as yourself.

The strategy of how your overall plan now comes into play, identifying the specific needs of all your clients and the talents and time available amongst your staff, requires your leadership to ‘steer the ship’.

Finally, with up to date management accounts to keep a control of the company’s income, costs and the bottom line, you should be in a good position to negotiate the sale of your company.

So, if you would like advice on the sale of your business or company, please contact David Cane

on 07749 080 806 or e-mail [email protected]