How to spot a good sale broker

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Published: 26 May 2017

Imagine you've made the decision to sell your company. After a while you become impatient, because nothing seems to be happening. How can there be so little interest, you wonder?

Then you receive a call from an interested party; fantastic! You grab it. But, it drags on and you realise the deal isn't going anywhere.

In the meantime, you've heard about 'sale brokers'. You'll give one a go and see if that works. The trouble is you don't know too much about sale brokers and very little about the one you've engaged.

Yes, this sale broker will sell your company for you, but not necessarily at the price you were expecting; let alone for the commission he intends to charge!

What does a good sale broker look like?

At Sundial Tax & Finance, we can vet the sale broker for you. We ensure that their terms and conditions are fair and their procedures are relevant to the pursuit of that buyer.

A good sale broker, with your interests at the forefront of their mind, will create a shortlist of acceptable potential buyers.

So, a little planning would not go amiss if you wish to sell your company at the best possible price in the quickest possible time.

This is where Christina of PEC Consultants Ltd and David of Sundial Tax & Finance come in.

We can:

1. Organise your company (i.e. its systems and procedures) to be “sale ready”
2. Find a good sale broker for you and monitor his/ her progress
3. Value your company for the purpose of sale
4. Advise you on tax reliefs available on gains from the sale.

This will avoid you taking the foot off the accelerator so that your company achieves the results that you have forecasted on which the eventual sale price may depend.

Saving you money on the sale of your company

The good news is that PEC Consultants Ltd and Sundial Tax & Finance Ltd each charge a fixed fee, which will be more than recuperated by savings in sale commission and legal fees because of the work we have done for you at the start of the sale process.

If you wish to know more about how to sell your company quickly and efficiently please contact Christina on 07557 444095 or David on 07749 080 806.

For advice on company valuations, sale of companies and share interests,(including minority interest disputes), shareholder protection or divorce settlements, call David Cane of Sundial Tax & Finance Ltd on 07749 080 806 or email [email protected].