An Unexpected Offer

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Published: 15 Sep 2014

If you are approached by a company wishing to make an offer for your business, what would your reaction be?

Here at Sundial Tax & Finance, we have seen many different reactions and they tend to vary depending on the circumstances of the business owner.  Of course sometimes the timing is perfect and sometimes it can really catch out the business owner who has not thought about selling the business!  If this happened to you:

What would your reaction be?

a) To panic?
b) To be overcome with joy?
c) To consult your lawyer, accountant or independent financial advisor?
d) To prepare a counter offer?

The first thing that you need to do is set out your requirements and wishes going forward.

a) Do you want to continue in the business?
b) Do you wish to retire or do something else?
c) Can you afford to retire?
d) Is there a compromise solution?
e) Would an ongoing consultancy suit after the sale of the business?

To know what is possible from the above options and how to negotiate with the purchaser, you need an independent valuation of your company. A comprehensive valuation normally reduces the time taken to reach agreement.

If you would like to know how to achieve maximum results from the sale of your company, you are invited to have a free consultation with David Cane of Sundial Tax & Finance Ltd. Call 0845 177 0036 or email