Business Plans And Finance

Business plans are born out of the 3 “M’s” – Markets, Management and Money- in that order. In other words, you need

  1. A sound market for your goods and services.
  2. Competent management to supply the goods and services.
  3. Adequate financial resources to allow the business to flourish.

A sound market for your goods and services (Read more)

You may have a good product or service to sell, but have you carried out market research to identify a)demand, b)price sensitivity and c) the competition? We can recommend a specialist in this area to assist you.

Competent management (Read more)

Do you and your team have sufficient skills in the areas of marketing, selling, operations, human resources and financial control? The needs for a start up company may be relatively small, but the requirements for a growing company need to be identified as well.

Finance (Read more)

With the main items in the previous two paragraphs resolved, the profit and cash flow forecasts can be prepared. We have software which can prepare these forecasts and easily amend them after review and additional information has been provided.

We can assist on:-

a)negotiating business finance with high street banks, specialist lenders, peer to peer lenders, and business angels for loans and investments between £25,000 and £2.5M.

b)advising on the requirements for SEIS/EIS schemes, with income tax relief and capital gains tax relief up to 78% for UK investors on qualifying UK trading companies.

If you wish to discuss the above points please contact David Cane on 0845 177 0036